Conventional Models


LS Petrochem’s Conventional Crank Balance Pumping Unit is the most universally adaptable pumping unit in the LS line. Best known as “the workhorse,” LS Conventional units are suitable for pumping high rate shallow wells, as well as deep oil and gas wells. The dual direction of crank rotation of the Conventional Gear Reducer allows for a longer operating life.


  • Double Circular Arc (DCA) Gear Reducer
  • Largest structural bearings in the industry
  • Oversized structural beams
  • Bolt-on crank arms
  • Easy counterweight adjustment


  • DCA gears enable the most efficient tooth-to-tooth load transfer
  • Larger bearings allow for longer bearing life
  • Bolt-on crank arms do not have to be pressed off, enabling easy field replacement and less well down time