Gear Reducer


Our Gear Reducer produces more torque

The LS Petrochem Double Reduction Gear Reducer pumping unit gearbox uses a cast-steel and forged-steel combination of gearing. This, according to the foremost gear experts in the United States, is vastly superior to the combination of cast-iron material against steel pinion gears commonly used by competing pumping unit manufacturers.

Advantages of our unit

This unit provides advantages in tooth-pitting resistance and bending capabilities as well as enhanced properties that allow increased torque capacity with our state-of-the-art gear design. As a matter of fact, we achieve torque over 35% higher than required on average.

Other features of our design include:

  • Larger bearings for longer life for the gearbox
  • Dual high-speed gears and pinions for balanced loading
  • Cast steel manufacture with forged steel pinions head-treated and stress-relieved to ensure maximum performance
  • Splash system and oil troughs to distribute lubricating oil to the bearings and gears
  • DCA has a wider tooth root, but most importantly, the radius at the root is so large compared to the radius at the root of involutes.
  • Even though RM units run in one direction, with all LS gear reducers, it is possible to open the gearbox and flip the gears over so that the other side of the teeth can get wear. This is never possible with Lufkin and American or any other asymmetrical gearbox.
  • Gearbox is the same for C and RM units. This is not the case with Class III.
  • Roller bearings instead of bushing.
  • Split gearbox lid for easy servicing in the field.

LS Premium 5-Year Warranty Gear Reducers

LS Premium gear reducers include gears constructed using high alloy forged steel gear blanks, instead of standard cast steel. Gears are cut with 2-step process of rough cut - heat treat - finish cut, insuring deep penetration of heat treat process deep within gear tooth root. GB w/ forged steel gears carries a 5-year "no questions asked" warranty.