Pumping Unit History


A brief history of the pumping unit

People have been pumping oil for thousands of years, and, while there is some dispute as to the first modern oil well, its construction can be placed some time in the 1850s. The pump jack didn’t come onto the scene until almost 70 years later.

From Texas

With four major oil finds in Texas in the four years beginning in 1901, the Lone Star State began to develop its reputation as a leader in the oil and gas industry. And it was in a Texas oil field that the first modern-day pump jack drastically changed the face of drilling in 1925.

To China

At first, these new pumping units were manufactured only in Texas, but over time other companies came along and began vying to create the best version of the best pumping unit. LS was one of those companies that began manufacturing modern-day pump jacks in the 1970s. Over the years we’ve continued to improve the quality and dependability of our equipment. To see some of the improvements we’ve made over the years to the pump jack, visit our company history page.