Rear Mounted Units


LS Petrochem's API Rear Mounted (RM) pumping units offer certain benefits not typically found in conventional pumping units. Through its unique design geometry, the RM unit exhibits higher efficiency and allows more crank rotation during the upstroke portion of the pumping cycle, resulting in less energy used and more complete pump fillage. As a result, RM units are best suited for applications needing energy savings and wells deeper than 8,000 feet.


  • Double Circular Arc (DCA) Gear Reducer
  • Largest structural bearings in the industry
  • Oversized structural beams
  • Bolt-on crank arms
  • Easy counterweight adjustment


  • Gear Assemblies can be flipped over so that the other side of teeth can get wear
  • All LS gear reducers are capable of being flipped
  • Flipping gears is not possible with Lufkin, American, or any other asymmetrical gearboxes